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Ultimate Bucket List

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Ultimate Bucket List

6 ratings

Live a fulfilling, memorable, regret-free life

Do you often find yourself just "getting by" in your everyday life?

Maybe you feel like your life is slipping away and all of a sudden a week, month, quarter, or even a whole year has gone by.

You haven't tried new things, had exciting moments, or accomplished something you're proud of in a while.

Your days look bland but you can't seem to break out of it.

Or you do have a ton of things you want to try but don't know where to start.

We've all been there.

But the question is... If you were to leave this Earth tomorrow, would you leave fully happy with your life?

If your answer is no, you can turn it around, starting today. I've got you covered.

If it's yes, kudos to you! I'll help you keep it up as well.

Why this bucket list template?

It's not just a list to write stuff down; it's way more powerful than that.

Ultimate Bucket List is a comprehensive dashboard that is set up to help you:

βœ… Get clarity on what you really want to accomplish | ideas -> goals

βœ… Visualize, organize, and find your directions | goals -> plans

βœ… Keep yourself accountable for making them happen | plans -> reality

Got faraway countries you want to visit, businesses to start, or famous figures to meet?

Write those down on this list.

The goals don't have to be big and flashy.

Those restaurants around the corner from your place that you've been meaning to pop in?

Activities you want to try in your own city?

Add them away!

The purpose of your bucket list is so you'll never forget what gives you joy, excitement, and fulfillment even at your busiest.

For every template I create, including this one, you can expect:

🟠 Thoughtfully crafted with high design & user experience standards (yet leaving room for your own creativity)

🟠 All the heavy lifting & setups done by me = start using it right out of the box

🟠 Comes with tips, instructions, and customization ideas = beginners-friendly

What's included:

  • Bucket list item databases
    • Categorize items
    • Link country names for travel-related items
    • Add dates or select years to turn your items into plans
    • Separate database for checked-off items to keep the relation columns uncluttered
  • Category database
    • See items by category
    • Add your own to make it suit your needs best
  • Complete list of 250 countries / territories in the world
    • Add countries to your bucket list or mark visited with one click
    • Regions, subregions, and flags all selected and ready to go

Get even more value with Bundles

Make your bucket list even more exciting and your travels more organized with ✨ Inspiration Bundle and πŸš€ Travel Bundle

280+ bucket list inspirations (regularly updated & growing)

Travel Inspirations from all around the world

A thoughtfully curated, duplicate-able database to give you new ideas and get you out of your comfort zone.

Simply copy & paste it into your own bucket list!

Included in: ✨ Inspiration Bundle, πŸš€ Travel Bundle

Smart Travel Planner

Probably the most capable travel planner out there

An all-in-one travel dashboard for globetrotters like you. You really can do everything in one place - plan your trips, record expenses, split costs, track your travel days - without leaving Notion. All device friendly, and perfect for both vacationers and digital nomads.

See the full details here

Included in: πŸš€ Travel Bundle


How do I download the template?

Open the template link and click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

Can I duplicate this planner and share it with other people?

Unfortunately no since this is a personal license intended for personal use. However, please contact me if you're thinking of a team or group license. Maybe we can come up with something together that suits your unique needs.

I have a question/suggestion/feedback!

Let's chat at Also check out my main website at!

Keep exploring and safe travels 🌏

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Ultimate Bucket List

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