Smart Travel Planner

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Travel planning, redefined.

An all-in-one travel dashboard for avid travelers like you.

Minimize the stressful moments, maximize the fun, exciting ones.

✅ Save all your inspirations in one place and turn them into itinerary

✅ Plan as much fine details as you like, or keep it minimal and decide on the go

✅ Never miss your spot or deal again by using travel taskboard

✅ Track your stay days in different territories to stay out of legal trouble

✅ Keep record of your expenses as a solo traveler, or as a couple/group to split later

If I tell you you could do all of these in one place, would you keep wasting your time juggling multiple apps to get the same work done?

Of course not.

Short getaway, long trip, work travel, vacation, workation, outdoor, family trip, cruise, you name it.

This powerful planner can handle it all. But never get in the way of you traveling the way you like.

All device friendly. Comes with quick access to your current itinerary for on-the-go use, too.

You'll benefit from using this if you:

  • Often find your sanity escaping from you while figuring out a million different aspects of your trip
  • Are sick of jumping between different apps and want to consolidate all in one Notion page
  • Tend to take long trips and/or have to keep track of your travel days for tax or visa purpose

What's included:

  • Dashboard
    • Travel plan database
      • Number of travel days by location type (Home/away, Schengen/non-Schengen, or add your own)
      • Expense by category from each trip
      • Table, gallery & calendar view
      • Create new trips from template
    • Return date calculator
    • Travel to-do database
  • Travel planner template
    • Itinerary
    • Budget & expense by category
    • Split expense calculator
    • Travel to-do database (+ filters)
    • Bucket list
    • Pre-categorized packing list

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How do I download the template?

Open the template link and click "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

Can I duplicate this planner and share it with other people?

Unfortunately no since this is a personal license intended for personal use. However, please contact me if you're thinking of a team or group license. Maybe we can come up with something together that suits your unique needs.

I have a question/suggestion/feedback!

Let's chat at Also check out my main website at!

Keep exploring and safe travels 🌏

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Smart travel planner

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Smart Travel Planner

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